We work with a number of artisan wine makers, selected from the finest areas of the Champagne region. Each one is recognised for the quality of their work, and they (and we) advocate an approach to viticulture based on the utmost standards of quality in order to preserve the essence of their various terroirs and to promote the exceptional character of their wines.

From the collection of over 30 Champagnes, ranging from Blanc de Blancs to Blanc de Noirs, French Bubbles offers every style of Grower Champagne: classic blended Brut, Brut Nature, Non-Vintage, Vintage, Brut Rosรฉ, Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Extra Dry, Extra-Brut and Grand Cru Rosรฉ. The majority of our wines have been awarded medals at prestigious professional competitions.

Since 2008, our company has gained increasing recognition amongst Masters of Wine, sommeliers and the trade community, and throughout the hospitality industry. We currently supply Grower Champagne to one-starred Michelin restaurants, famous bistros, pubs and bars throughout the UK.

Exclusive to French Bubbles

French Bubbles are exclusive representatives in the UK for the majority of their grower champagne producers, this means we can offer our clients a range of benefits including:

  • Highly competitive prices
  • Minimum order of just 12 bottles
  • Next day free delivery (nationwide)
  • Support for staff training, consumer tutored tastings and food & champagne pairings.

Why choose grower champagne

Grower Champagne is now a serious category as:

  • Drinkers become increasingly savvy about organic and artisanal production methods
  • Awareness increases for handcrafted boutique Champagne
  • They offer better value for money
  • Are becoming increasingly press-worthy

If you would like to know more about our selected range, we would be happy to meet you and explain our philosophy to you in further detail. We are at your disposal to arrange a tasting session of our Grower Champagnes at any of our Champagne + Fromage outlets.