How it all started…

Passionate about champagne, French Bubbles founders, Maud Fierobe and Stefano Frigerio, wanted to develop a brand with a different and interesting standpoint and believe they have come up with a unique proposition that gives French Bubbles that ‘je ne sais quoi’!

Maud, a French native with strong roots in champagne, and her marketing expert husband Stefano, wanted to bring access to authentic, fine quality ‘true’ champagnes at affordable prices in the UK! Speaking about the high quality offering from French Bubbles, Stefano Frigerio comments.

”Our producers make a sparkling wine representing a terroir and its story”In fact our Six family producers are all members of the association ‘Vigneron Independents’.

There is a strong offering of excellent quality and competitively-priced NV champagnes. However, French Bubbles is also committed to encouraging wine lovers to discover the special qualities and value of their Vintage wines as well as Grand and Premier Cru styles which are a permanent feature of their Grower offer.’ Maud continues,

‘At French Bubbles we believe that quality is our essence. Our independent producers make champagne with passion and exuberance, with traditional manufacturing methods rather than mass‐produced on a large scale and the proof is in the tasting.’

As well as selling directly from their website, French Bubbles is also very well known for bespoke, distinctive events offering and tutored tastings which are tailored to suit the individual client’s need from both a corporate or private perspective.

Since 2008, our company is increasingly recognised amongst Masters of Wine, sommeliers and the trade community. We currently are supplying to one-starred Michelin restaurants, famous bistros, pubs and bars within the UK.

Champagne grower visit for London company french bubbles

Before arriving in UK 14 years ago, Maud was working for the Sugar Bureau in Paris; the association behind one of the most famous foodies’ event in France “The week of TASTE!” This is where she felt in love with organising creative and educational food events!

Passionate about wines, but above all champagne, Maud was very surprised by the poor selection of grower champagnes available in the UK when she arrived.

That’s why with her marketing expert husband Stefano, Maud wanted to develop a brand with a different and interesting standpoint: champagne is a WINE, and wanted to bring access to authentic, fine artisan champagnes at great prices in the UK!

French Bubbles celebrated their 10th birthday in 2018 and the couple are thrilled to see how much the perception of independent champagne makers has changed in the past 5 years alone! “People are far more aware about the appellation of champagne and LOVE our grower’s wine and their terroir! “ said Maud.

Over the past 10 years, Maud has been very active in presenting her champagnes at the most important trade shows, organizing champagne tastings & masterclasses around London, working with experts in the hospitality industry such as Michelin star restaurants, chocolatiers, sommeliers, consultants, artisan food makers,… and always reminding them that champagne is a WINE!

“Maud and Stefano are pioneers, introducing these artisan, family-produced champagnes to London consumers and the wider UK market, specialising solely on an artisan style of champagne that provides value, provenance and personality.”

Patty Green / Wine expert/Consultant

“I’ve known Maud for over four years, first as a client as her Grower Champagne was on our menu, then as an associate helping her to promote them. I must say that Maud’s passion is infectious, matched by her great knowledge of the products and the region of Champagne. I always look forward to the next meeting.”

Roberto Della Pietra / Head Sommelier & wine buyer for Gautier / Decante Judge for Champagne Master


Stefano & Maud went further than French Bubbles…

They have also partnered with the Leblais brothers (Une Normande a’ Londres), who are importers of farmhouse French cheeses, to create in 2011 a concept called Champagne+Fromage; which is simply a Fromagerie and a “Champagnerie” –a shop and bistro where you can learn, buy and spend all day tasting these two amazing products…They now have three champagne & cheese bistros in London!

Champagne+Fromage is a family business founded in 2011 that specialises in sourcing our own Grower Champagne, artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. The name Champagne+Fromage is a celebration of one of the most beautiful pairings that we have discovered, and are keen to share with everyone: great together, any time… The proof is in the tasting!

To know more about Champagne+Fromage, visit the website