How to enjoy champagne

It is our aim to show you that Grower Champagne can be enjoyed year round, and doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions, or need specialist handling!

The versatility of Champagne is well known. It can be enjoyed in so many ways you could write a book about it! In fact much has been written about it!

However there is no need to fret, concerning Grower Champagne you only need to know a little in order to enjoy it a lot! So read on, and follow these simple tips to start you on your journey to become a connoisseur of Grower Champagne.

When and where, and with what?

Of course the obvious statement is that Champagne can be served anytime anywhere! On its own is always great!

Having said that, Grower Champagne is a fantastically food friendly wine.

Therefore, to help you with your decision making, Throughout our store we suggest the most suitable accompaniments and occasions for each bottle. Indoors, outdoors, spring, summer, autumn, winter, morning, noon, night, with meat, cheese, pastries, sweet or savoury, there is always the perfect Grower Champagne for each moment!

Follow these simple rules to enjoy your Grower Champagne, you won’t be disappointed, (and your friends and family will be most impressed!). These simple do’s and don’t’s in order to enjoy your Grower Champagne at its best!


No light and no changing temperatures when keeping your wine home. Preferable to keep it in its carton or box.

The cupboard under the stairs is the perfect example of the kind of environment you’re looking for.

If you are keeping it up to one year then it can stand up, if for more than a year, then lay it down to keep it comfortable!


We all know that Champagne is best enjoyed cold and the ideal temperature is 8-10 °C (47-50°F).

Too cold and it will kill the great aromas and flavour of your champagne!


Place the bottle in an ice bucket for half an hour.
Store the bottle on its side in the bottom of your refrigerator for four hours.

Chill a bottle of Grower Champagne in the freezer
Serve Grower Champagne in a pre-chilled glasses (you will lose some of the sparkle).

Glass type

Tulip shaped champagne glasses are ideal as they are large enough in the middle to allow the flavour to open up and yet narrow at the rim to capture the bouquet for the nose.

White wine glasses are also suitable for enjoying grower champagne.

Food & Champagne Pairing

Did we mention already that Grower Champagne is fantastically food friendly? Well it won’t hurt to mention it again!

If you haven’t had a champagne breakfast yet then it is time you do. Champagne goes fantastically well with eggs in many ways but our favorite is with eggs benedict! Actually champagne goes well with a lot of different and versatile range of dishes: From fried or grilled   chicken to an elaborate sushi, champagne will be a great companion. We all know the classic combination of champagne with oysters or caviar but see champagne as wine that can be paired as well with steacks or game dishes… That can be a fabulous wine with your main course

We  personally love to drink champagne with cheese!

Champagne works well with all cheeses. It’s light enough to not overpower delicate goat cheese or nutty Comté, but it also has enough acidity to cut through the deeply savoury funky blue cheese or the creamy baked camembert and Mont d’Or. With the effervescence of the bubbles scrubbing the palate between each bite and with the temperature it is served leaving a pleasant and refreshing feeling.