Le Gallais – Champagne producer

Le Gallais

Chateau walls provide protection for the vines and the perfect conditions to produce outstanding organic wines

Domain Le Gallais is comprised of a selection of 7 parcels – totalling 4 hectares – situated inside a « clos »: le Château de Boursault, in the heart of the Marne Valley.

Charlotte Le Gallais is the fifth generation of champagne producers at this unique family domain. An independent wine grower, she believes in showing patience towards the land, and that the best wine is produced through high quality production facilities, matched with sensitivity while combining the wines later on in the production cycle. In fact this yearly blending process has become an important family ritual.

The clos at Chateau de Boursault represents an interesting case study for launching alternative policies to pesticides because of the isolation and separation afforded by the walls. In the domain The use of insecticides was stopped in 1991 and preference given over to newer, more environmentally friendly techniques.

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